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Welcome to my blog, The More You Merlot.

This is my happy place. A space where I am truly myself, completely vulnerable & let you into my life. I love inviting you into my life, letting you learn from my experiences and share what I love in real life!

I am a graduate student, daughter, full-time employee, wine (and beer) lover, traveler, explorer and blogger. I invite you to stay a while, please! I put in so much love, passion and soul into this space; I cannot wait for you to join this journey of life with me.

I am Midwest born & raised but love the ocean & heat of summer. I come from a Polish-American home which I am very proud of. I am blessed to say that I am a first generation college graduate & daughter of two amazing parents. I have a younger brother who is incredibly talented and inspires me everyday.

I love to bring laughter and easy-goingness (is that a word??) into peoples lives. I also love to share my real and raw experiences with everyone who cares to read. I love showing you my real struggles, my journey with health, God, my family, my job, and everything in between.

Thank you for reading through this to learn more about me & why I started TMYM! If you have any questions, shoot me an email!



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