Work Week Essentials

Work can be stressful, but your life before and after your job doesn’t have to be! I am a huge believer that the energy you surround yourself with will set the mood for the rest of the day. Another rule I always follow is to never bring my work home with me; this has helped to balance my work & life but has also given me the freedom that we all deserve.



  • Every since I started waking up at the same time every day (aside from Sunday because no body has time for an early Sunday morning), I have felt more accomplished throughout the day. I use the Sleep Cycle to track my sleep and rest time.

  • Yerba Mate or SporTea every morning

    • Yerba Mate (also found in SporTea) has been used for generations as a coffee substitute in South America. It gives you fluid energy without the crash or jittery-ness of coffee. I don’t know about you, but some coffees give me pretty bad headaches, and this gives me just the amount of energy I need.

      • P.S. I have a SporTea coupon under my “Shop” tad!

  • Homemade Matcha Latte for the commute to work

    • Every since I got my Almond Cow, I have been making non-coffee lattes almost daily. I love making a clean matcha latte with cinnamon and a dash of maple syrup for my commute to work

  • Air Pods

    • If you are a commuter, these will help shorten the ride to and from work. They are 100% worth the investment.

  • Wellness Roller

    • Every morning, I roll my wellness roller on my best and on the bottoms of my feet. It is a blend of ginger, thieves and clove diluted with grapeseed oil. This is a step I do to help with my routine.

      • You can use this roller to make your own blends, like I do!

  • 1 drop of Valor in my hand & breathe

    • This helps to set my intention and mood for the day. Valor is a great encouraging and balancing oil.

During the day:


  • Water is your friend

    • Don’t try to go the entire day on coffee or tea, caffeinated beverages hold dehydrating properties.

  • Organizing your day

    • Invest in a desk calendar or a planner. I use both my physical calendar and my computer to keep track of any meetings or reports due during the day. This keeps me accountable in more than one space.

  • Cute pens help

    • Not only do they help you color coordinate but they also make your life less boring in the office

  • Headache roller

    • Not only does this eliminate your intake of Advil for headaches, it actually works. I swear by this roller and any of my friends who have tried it feel the same way. It is a life savor, and a top seller on Saje.

Other things I love

  • Try to bring routine into your day. I try to get at last 6 hours of sleep a night, the more sleep… the better your next day is!

  • Make sure to pack a healthy and colorful lunch, to avoid the afternoon lunch.

  • Stand once an hour, if you sit at a desk.

  • If you feel tired, walk around your office for a bit or go outside. Fresh air can help clear your head more than anything.

  • If you are truly stuck in your job, it’s ok to apply for other positions! You are the driving force of your future, never feel bad to pursue your dreams or a career path.

    • If you need help with a resume or cover letter, shoot me an email and I would be happy to help!

  • Remember, every day comes to an end. Don’t let the stresses of work effect your life, mood or overall health. Remember that a healthy mind is one of the most important things you can have… cherish that!

X, Natalie.

How to (Organically) Shop at Costco

A common goal among most is to consume healthier and cleaner foods/products. The “healthy” lifestyle often has a negative connotation of being expensive and sometimes unattainable. I am here to break that stigma, and share with you what you can buy from Costco that is organic, even if you’re on a budget.

The other day, Mitch and I went to our local Costco (the Lincoln park location is nice if you are local to Chicago) to pick up some items and to check it out. My parents, both business owners, shop at Costco and Sam’s Club for bulk items for their business so we are both somewhat familiar with the lay of the land.

When I shop, I try to buy as much organic produce as I can. I am also on a budget, and will compromise when I need to. If you are strictly on a budget, here is a link to the dirty dozen; a list of items you should always buy organic due to pesticide sprays and various chemicals.

What we purchased:


  • Tortilla Chips ($4.59)

  • Salsa ($6.49)

  • Gummy Bears ($12.99)

  • Kombucha ($14.59)

  • Avocados ($6.99)

    • This was a steal! I had to pick them up.

  • Albacore wild tuna ($14.99)

  • Vegan Chickpea Puffs: Hippeas ($6.79)

  • Annie’s 9 pack of Mac N Cheese ($12.99)

  • Organic Blueberries ($8.99)

Non-Organic (but is still saving you $)

  • Croissants ($5.99)

  • Trash Bags ($14.99)

  • Paper Towels ($15.99)

  • Toilet Paper ($16.99)

  • Butter Wine ($11.99)

  • 3 pack of mouth wash ($12.99)

  • Almonds ($12.99)

TOTAL after tax = $188.71

Here are my thoughts:

A lot of the items that we purchased were in bulk. For example, we have around 1000 years or toiler paper which we will probably take 300 years to go through. Every product, aside from the wine, was purchased in a large quantity.

Most of the products we purchased non-organic where either because we haven’t found a comparable alternative yet or Costco didn’t have a good alternative. Two things I will not compromise on are laundry detergent, cleaning products (I use my Young Living concentrate to clean everything) and dishwasher tabs. I purchase these items from Thrive Market or through my Young Living account.

Costco does have amazing options for organic fruits, vegetables, meats (I think… tbh I didn’t look), and snacks. For cleaning products, I would stay away (the only detergent that was “green” was not truly green… hello green washing! click here for an article on green washing).

Costco is also an amazing place to buy beauty products. Although they do not offer a large amount of clean beauty, I did notice Schmidt’s deo and some other brands.

Lastly, the alcohol selection is amazing (they even had some organic wine) for a great price… especially if you are buying for a party!

Common Misconceptions about buying in bulk:

You might think you are getting an amazing deal by shopping in bulk but sometimes that is not the case. Smarty Pants vitamins were being sold at Costco for the same price as Thrive Market. Same goes with things like apples, blueberries, deli meat, etc. Ask yourself if you will be able to finish the quantity of food you are purchasing before it goes bad. Waste = throwing away money… we don’t have time for that in 2019!

Up Next…

Now that you have the low-down on my Costco organic shopping experience, do you think you would check it out? It’s nice to be able to save some money, especially on clean products and food.

Keep your eyes peeled for more posts on healthier eating on a budget.

Check out my YouTube Costco Haul Video:

22 Things About Me

Hi! My name is Natalie, content creator and owner of The More You Merlot! TMYM is a lifestyle blog focused on leading a positive and natural life. Since I turned 22 in August, I decided to share 22 things you may not know about me. It’s been a while since I’ve done a post like this, if i’ve ever done one!

  1. I graduated this past May from Purdue University with a degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management.

    • I actually picked Purdue for the most random reason… I had a roommate (yeah you guys… I picked my University based on the fact that I had a roommate. She is now one of my best friends so it worked out!)

  2. I am Court of Master Sommelier certified: Level 1

    • I basically know a lot about wine

  3. When I was younger, I wanted to be a pediatrician; my doctor still has a drawing hanging up on her wall with a note I made her when I was in preschool

  4. My parents are both Polish, and I am a first generation student and citizen

  5. I meet Mitch at his frat Halloween party my freshman year

    • This is SO embarrassing but I followed one of his friends on Snapchat before I even knew Mitch existed. I saw a story with him and literally told my friends “OMG this guy is so cute I have to meet him”. I know… i’m a creep!

  6. In college, I thought I would work for Conde Nast and live out my Devil Wears Prada dreams

    • I did a workshop with Teen Vogue in college and although it was so glamorous, it was not the field for me

  7. I became vegan for lent in 2018

    • I lost around 20 pounds in that first month alone and felt my best (I want to go back to being fully vegan but with eggs and fish)

  8. I spent 35 days in Australia the summer before I attended college with National Geographic

    • I slept in the outback without a shower for 5 days, it was wild. This was the best trip of my life, to date! Next stop, Bali.

  9. I had a blog before TMYM called Strawberries and Sparkles. Go ahead and try to find it on the internet, i’m sure it’s somewhere

  10. I am pursuing my masters degree and secretly love school… never thought i’d say that

  11. I spent 35 days in Europe with my college roommate our freshman year; it was such an eye-opening trip to go to Europe (essentially) alone! You can read about my travels here.

  12. I love my dogs so much, I cry about them whenever I have too much wine lol

  13. I am an organized mess. I hate having a dirty home but definitely have a “chair” where I throw all of my clothes on

  14. I have a younger brother, who is soooo annoying but I love him to death (annoying in the best way)

  15. I am pretty extroverted, and often try to bring laughter into any situation. I do feel most comfortable when I am with other people I am familiar with.

  16. I lived in Florida for three months last summer, and it was the best summer ever. I spent my 21st in Delray and had the craziest adventure ever (I was scared no one was going to come but it was actually a group of like… 20 of us!)

  17. I dream of having my own children one day, a big wedding and a cute house. Sorry but I am such a typical girl like that

  18. I am Catholic & working toward a stronger relationship with God every day

  19. I love some ghetto rap but also some Ariana Grande. I am seeing her this April with my friend and it’s so embarrassing but going to be amazing

  20. I am pretty artistic, and actually won two Golden Key awards for my art in high school. I was featured in the Milwaukee Art Museum twice!

    • I would love to get back into art (i’m considering opening an etsy shop for painted jean jackets… thoughts?)

  21. I wish I could like 200 lives so I can pursue every career path that I dream of doing. I have too many goals and not enough time!

    1. I’m also so impatient and indecisive, with is a draw back when you want to live out your dream yesterday

  22. I grew up speaking Polish and can understand it; speaking it is a different story, but would love to re-learn it before I attend my cousins wedding in 2020

X, Natalie

Choose Happy

I truly believe that at the base of a healthy life is a healthy mindset. Although this doesn’t come easy, it’s important in order to lead a clear and positive lifestyle. I’m going to be sharing some tips that I have been using to help lead the most positive life I can!

What makes you truly happy? What brings you joy? You might be quick to think that nothing can, especially if you are going through a rough time in your life, but I am here to TELL you that SOMETHING in this world brings you happiness. It might be the dogs you see on your street every morning, the smell of coffee because it reminds you of your Mom of the sun during the summer.

For me, I love summer and warm weather. When I am in a warm climate, I am the happiest version of myself. I love the smell of coffee, it reminds me of home. When I am regularly working out, I feel the best version of myself. I love diffusing essential oils at night to help me sleep and cuddling with my mans. I love family time, especially when we travel. I also LOVE traveling and exploring, even if it is local.


Here are some tips you can use to kick-start your road to happiness.

Sleep habits matter…

Force yourself to get out of bed in the morning! I can assure you that no one on the planet likes to leave the comfort of their bed. I use the sleep cycle app to track my sleeping patterns; it also wakes me up slowly in the morning which I appreciate.

  • prep your coffee or tea for the next morning, so it’s something quick to do right when you wake up

  • get at least 7-8 hours of rest a night (if you go to bed at 11, you can wake up at 6 with 7 hours of rest)

  • disconnect from your phone at least 15 mins before bed.

When you are going through a hard time…

  • Reflect on what you are thankful for now or in the future

  • Realize that life can be so much worse, and you are meant to be where you are in that moment

When your job / school sucks…

  • Be proactive

    • Ask yourself, why do you hate your situation? Is it the pay? Is it your major? Is it the location you’re in? Some of these things are temporary (I went to school IN Lafayette, Indianan but knew I wouldn’t move to that town) and others can be changed (like your major… I changed my major twice and still graduated in 4 years… lots of summer school)

When you haven’t reached your goals…

  • Back track & reflect on why this may be

  • Make smaller, more attainable goals. Be realistic with yourself and start small

When your family / relationships / friendships aren’t how you imagined…

  • Know that some people may never change (you can’t teach an old dog new tricks)

    • This is especially hard with family. Not everyone has a perfect family dynamic, and know that you can always learn from your past and make your future family how you’ve always imagined

  • Cutting toxic friends out of your life is one of the hardest things to do, but once it’s done you will feel amazing

    • Ask yourself if your friend is lifting you up, supporting your dreams and is your biggest fan. If not, or if they make you feel horrible, then maybe it’s time to cut that shit


Think over some of these points I have listed before. How can you implement just one into your daily life? Remember, start small so you will see success; maybe start with 5 minute meditation, winding down before bed or prepping coffee/tea the night before your morning routine. Consistency is key to success, and I truly believe it will help you choose happiness this year.

While I was reflecting and writing this post, I thought of my brother who is currently going through confirmation as a Catholic. As his sponsor, I want to make sure that I help him lead the most positive life I can. Not to put my brother on blast, but he tends to pick things in his life that he may be struggling with and hope they were different. It’s something a lot of us fall victim to, but always keep in mind that the situation you are going through can be 100 times worse. Ok ok… this probably sounds SO harsh but I urge you not to victimize yourself. Try to find the positive in every moment of your day, or at least once a day. By reflecting on a blessing you are thankful for, you will be able to work toward a more positive filled life. By eliminating negativity and the “poor me” mentality, you will find clarity in your day and outlooks on life.

Always keep in mind that life is too short to take it so seriously. Try to laugh, treat yourself to a coffee (in your reusable cup because… duh) or go on a walk to clear your hear. Reduce your time spent on social media, and get out and explore. Spend time with loved ones, volunteering or even spending time with yourself.

All in all, know that you truly are not alone. If you are feeling like you have no one to turn to, I am always here to chat. If you aren’t even comfortable with that, find peace in the Lord, any God you may pray to or time away from your phone; try meditation or even yoga, it does wonders. Finding something that fills your free time (for me, it’s blogging and yoga) helps to clear your mind. Don’t overload your plate and be realistic.

Everything will work out in the end. You are the driving force of your life; choose happy!

X, Natalie

Hi, 2019! My Goals & Intentions for the New Year

There is something about new beginnings that bring so much inspiration to so many people. Like most, a long list of unrealistic resolutions can lead to failure. Over the years I’ve been able to realistically figure out what I want to improve and how I am going to get through it in the new year! I love sitting down on New Years Eve and make a list (physical or mental, doesn’t matter) of what I am looking forward to and what I want to achieve in the new year. I keep things realistic because if you start small, you have so much room to grow!

Reflecting on 2018:

2018 was a YEAR. Here are some things I experienced summed up into a couple of bullet points:

  • I graduated college (what the heck, i’m an adult?!)

  • I was accepted into the #1 graduate program for my area of study, and am now attending Northwestern

    • I am studying Communication Sciences

  • I went vegan for Easter and, since then, have lead a mainly plant-based diet & lifestyle

  • I interned with Nordstrom, which was such a learning experience

  • I grew my Instagram blog following to over 6K; a big accomplishment for me

  • I celebrated last NYE in Disney World, it was so wild

  • My room was featured on LiketoKnow.It home & it BLEW UP. I sold my most from that single post than I ever have.

LikeToKnow.It Feature

Here is my picture that was featured on LikeToKnow.It HOME! I was so shocked how much traction a re-post can bring… such a cool memory!

  • I went to Venice, California for spring break and fell in love with the culture, food & beaches

  • I moved to Chicago with Mitch and we are loving every second of it

  • I chopped my hair

  • I celebrated my Mom’s 50th in Colorado, slept in a yurt & explored all around. I was so happy to spend quality time with my family

  • Although 2018 brought a lot of brand collaborations, my top two were SporTea (which is still going) and Google Maps… so wild!

  • Meeting amazing people through my blog (HEY HANNAH) and keeping relationships I cherish, especially those made through Purdue

  • I attended a close friend’s wedding in Florida and meet her beautiful daughter my heart was so full

What I am excited for in 2019:

  • Finishing my graduate degree with Northwestern

  • Continuing my blog. I want to focus a lot of my energy on my website, with hopes to gain more revenue from it

  • I want to shift my focus for my blog into health & wellness and less on fashion. Although I love fashion, wellness is something I am truly passionate about! If you love my fashion content, don’t worry because I still will be posting about it on occasion. My LikeToKnow.It will still be used for you all to shop off of.

  • Re-introducing working out into my life

    • This is SUCH a popular resolution for 2019. For my overall mental clarity and scoliosis health, I want to make sure that I exercise 3 times a week. I will be starting a daily journal to document my exercises… should I share it here?

    • I want to start Class Pass in the spring. If you are a Chicago native, it’s a great way to incorporate classes into your workouts with the commitment of a single studio pass

  • Living and sharing content with intention

  • Growing my faith with God

  • De-cluttering my home and buying with purpose. Quantity over quality

    • This is something I started in 2018 and am continuing in 2019

  • Saving for a trip in the USA with Mitch… maybe Seattle, Arizona, or Key West?

  • Going to Poland next NYE to celebrate my cousins wedding; this is when Mitch will meet my entire extended family (omg)

All in all, I wanted to say Thank You to those who have followed me for this long. Although my following is small, it is mighty! I love connecting with everyone on a daily basis to laugh and love life with me! Cheers to many years to come!

What are your New Year goals and intentions?

X, Natalie

Holiday Gift Guide 2018

The Best of Black Friday 2019

Thanksgiving has come and gone which means… SALES SALES SALES!

I brought together a post on all of my items I love and what you can gift this holiday season!


For You

For Your Mom

  • Nordstrom: up to 60% off

  • Loft: 50% off

  • Spa Gift Card from your local Spa: if you’re in MKE, we love Neroli

  • William Sonoma: for home upgrades (something Mama J is asking for)

    • Ideas: Coffee Maker, Dutch Oven, Pressure Cooker, New Wine Glasses

  • Pottery Barn: for home upgrades (something Mama J is asking for)

    • 50% off blankets, 40% off stockings, 50% off lighting, 50% off robes, 40% off frames

For Him/ Your Dad

  • Home Depot: $99 Outdoor Cooler, Tool Kits starting at $90, 20% off outdoor gear, 20% off smart home appliances

  • Nordstrom: up to 60% off

    • Ideas: quarter zips, button ups, new sneakers, workout gear, warm gloves

  • Dicks Sporting Goods: 25% off everything

For Your Younger Brother

  • Adidas: up to 50% off hoodies, fleece & footwear

  • Ikea: starting at 25% off

    • Ideas: my brother likes to update his space, add a new chair, couch or something for his studio

  • Burton: starting at 20% off

    • Ideas: especially if you live in a colder climate, some new snow gear is great for the holidays

For Your Baby / Younger Sibling

For Your Furry Friends

Health & Wellness

  • Young Living Essential Oils: 20 % off your favorite oils

    • Some of my favorite oils on sale:

      • Lavender

      • Valor (for courage)

      • Peace & Calming (for sleep)

      • Peppermint (my go-to blend with Lavender)

      • Copaiba (great to blend with Lavender)

      • Lemon / Lemon Vitality (for a fresh & clean scent)

      • Thieves / Thieves Vitality (a MUST HAVE for the fall/winter)

      • Orange

      • Christmas Spirit

    • Member #: 15267523

Amazing Deals I’ve Found

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 1.20.21 PM.png

2019 Gift Guides

You know what time it is, Gift Guide season! Since holiday shopping already started (where did the time go), I wanted to round together my favorite gifts for every person in your life.

If you saw my gift guides from 2018 (here is my “for her” post), you probably noticed how different this years gift guides will be! I’m thrilled to share a more natural past group of gifts for men, women and children in your life!

As the weeks roll on, I will be posting the links to each gift guide here! Click the titles below to be directed straight to the post. This list will be updated as I post more gift guides.

  • Plant Based Gift Guide

  • Oily Gift Guide

  • Ugh, We’re Adults Gift Guide

  • Tea Lovers Gift Guide

  • Coffee Lovers Gift Guide

  • Work-From-Home Gift Guide

  • Yoga/Workout Buddy Gift Guide

  • The Traveler Gift Guide

  • The New Mom Gift Guide

  • The New Bride / Bride-To-Be Gift Guide

  • Skincare Lover Gift Guide

  • Makeup Lover Gift Guide

Let's Talk Juice Cleanse

I did a juice cleanse, and here is what happened…

That’s right, I did a juice cleanse! This is nothing new, people, juice cleanses have literally been around for years. I want to share my experience with you and let you know why I did it and how you can do one too!


Why I do juice cleanses:

Do you ever feel like you need a reset? For me, sometimes I am stuck in a rut with food. This time I really want to get serious about my weight loss. Whatever it is (even a weekend drinking too many margaritas), a cleanse is what helps me feel best. Cleansing with real juice can aid in digestion reset, energy, and general fruit & vegetable intake.

How often do I do juice cleanses:

I recently started introducing juices back into my life. Like I mentioned before, I want to jump-start my fitness journey (summer body 2019 amiright) the right way. When you want to cleanse truly depends on you and when you feel like you may need a re-set. Some popular times to cleanse are after the holidays, after a weekend out, or right before a big event.

How I felt during the day:

I remember when I last cleansed I was very hangry; I love my food and I love my snacks (which is a huge habit I want to cut down)! Since my mindset is different, I felt pretty good throughout the day. I have to say that I did feel a tad lightheaded throughout but that feeling subsided once I would drink water or tea.

How I felt after the day ended:

As soon as I got home, I finished my last juice. The hardest part of the cleanse was the evening. I normally snack once I get home, which is a reason why I always struggle with shedding the weight; for me, not being able to snack was so dang hard! I also had to make a huge batch of pasta salad for my works Thanksgiving lunch; it was so tough not to each it all. I did weigh myself and I shed around 1 pound of (what I assume) is water weight. I felt less bloated when I woke up the following day and my energy level was actually pretty high.

Important things to keep in mind:

Everyone feels different post cleanse. You probably will not lose 15 pounds but, if you follow the directions, you should expect to shed a couple pounds of water weight or at least feel lighter/more energetic! Remember, this cleanse helps to reset your body. I urge you to try to stick to the juices as much as you can. If you need to eat, stick to raw fruit and veggies or some natural nut butter. At the end of the day, you paid $$$ for this cleanse so take it seriously!

What cleanse I did:

I took this cleanse slow and decided to only do a 1 day. Cleanses range from 1 all the way up to 5 days. I am sure you can find longer but from my knowledge, 5 is the most you should be doing. Make sure to be realistic with yourself when picking your cleanse. I chose Suja since my local Whole Foods sells prepackaged cleanses but you can always go to a local Juicer or even look on websites (like Blue Print) where they lay out each cleanse and who it is made for.

I have had experience with Suja and Blue Print. The next cleanse I do, I would love to try something local.

Suja: I did not get hangry with these juices, maybe that says something! This one day cleanse came with 6 juices, all fruit & vegetable based. Suja 1 day cleanse is $40.00 for the Original Fresh Start.

Blue Print: This was the first cleanse I ever did. I purchased it online and it came to my door wrapped in a insulated container. I like that blue print offers different cleanses based on your experience or needs. I also like how they end the day with a creamier drink, almost like a healthy dessert. Blue print 1 day cleanse is $65.00 for the BluePrint OG.

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 1.20.21 PM.png




Fall/Winter Holistic Essentials

I am not a doctor but am simply sharing what has worked for me. Please consult any of this information with your holistic healthcare provider before taking it yourself, just to be safe that it will be OK for you to use!

Around this time last year I really started to invest time into learning about holistically preparing my body for the changing seasons. I love sharing my holistic tips and tricks with you on Instagram, especially via stories! I’ve gotten a couple of DMs about what vitamins, supplements and any preventative steps I take to prepare my body for winter.

Here is a list of what I use & why I use it:

(* = take it daily)

  • Elderberry Syrup *

    • Why I take it: Elderberry is you new best friend! Packed with antioxidants, it keeps your immune sstem strong and resilient for preventative health!

    • Brands I like:

      • If you are in Milwaukee, Tippecanoe Herbs is a great option for small batch Elderberry (and lots of other holistic/plant based remedies). They also ship!

      • Sambucus Fizzy Nature’s Way. I like to mix this with my ACV in the morning.

  • D3/K2 Spray *

    • Why I take it: Seasonal depression is a real thing. During the colder months, I tend to feel sluggish. My holistic doctor suggested this spray and I have been truly enjoying it. This spray allows you to take a form of Vitamin D when you cannot get enough from the sun.

    • Brands I like:

      • DaVinci Labs. My holistic doctor recommended this brand and I love it so far; super convenient.

  • Wellness Herbal Resistance Liquid *

    • Why I take it: This liquid supplement contains a bunch of herbs to help support a healthy relationship. It is packed with things like Echinacea and Goldenseal which help promote well-being.

    • Brands I like:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar (taken every other day)

    • Why I take it: ACV helps to start my day, boosting my metablism especially when I forget a workout or two during the colder months. Take with caution, too much vinegar can be hurtful for your stomach and intestines.

    • Brands I like:

      • Bragg. I love this brand because I trust the product they produce. Not only that but it is also available on Thrive; plus, it’s certified organic and with “The Mother”.

  • Probiotic (30 billion) *

    • Why I take it: Probiotics are living microorganisms that can help prevent (and even treat) some illnesses. Although I do take this daily, I started once I felt a cold come on. This helped to cut that feeling right away andd I was hooked. If I do not take a physical probiotic, I will drink Kombucha instead.

    • Brands I like:

  • Women’s Multi-Vitamin

    • Why I take it: I like to take a multi-vitamin to ensure I get the right vitamins and minerals within my diet. It’s an easy daily step I like to take.

    • What I use:

      • Smarty Pants. I love this brand and it’s holistic doctor approved! The ingredients are great, which I look for in any suppliment.

  • Chlorophyll drops

    • Why I take it: These drops help flush your body, especially your liver, of toxins that hold disease. It promotes a healthy cardiovascular system. I put 2-3 drops into my 32oz water bottle whenever I remember.

    • What I use:

      • I get mine from Fresh Thyme but you can get these drops from your local health store.

  • Flax Seed oil

    • Why I take it: Think fish oil but for vegetarians/vegans! It is filled with omega-3 fatty acids that promote heart health and lower inflammation.

    • What I use:

      • I get mine from Fresh Thyme but you can get these drops from your local health store.

  • Gaia Quick Defense

    • Why I take it: When I am SICK, I take these pills. It’s basically the natural version of Day-Quill. These pills will support your body’s rapid response to immune stressors.

    • What I use: