Wine of the Week : November 20,2017

Happy Monday friends! Here I am, yet again, starting a new series on #tmym! After going through (and passing) my introductory examination for The Court of Master Sommeliers last weekend, I decided to incorporate my love and knowledge of wine into my other passion, which is my blog! These short and sweet posts will go up every Monday, telling you about a new wine that you want to pick up next time you are at the grocery store.

Today's wine is one of my favorites: Chardonnay. The vintage (year) is 2014 from Mendoza, Argentina (new world) .


The flavors and nuances. If you have never tasted Chardonnay before, to me it is an off-dry to dry wine. This wine is off-dry with touches of grapefruit and apple. It is very refreshing and easy-to-drink. 

What to pair your wine with. Chardonnay is a very versatile wine. This particular wine would go well with dishes like a lemon butter chicken, vegetables like portabella mushrooms, seasonings like rosemary and tarragon (but only lightly) and fruits like apple or pear. For cheese, a nice gouda or even a brie would go well with this wine but let's be real... when does brie not go well with wine? 

What temperature to drink it at. This wine is best served chilled. Make sure to pop it in the fridge a couple hours before you plan to drink it. If you will be serving it in a warm climate, make sure to have an ice-bucket or your fridge close by to keep it cooled; this way the flavors will stay refreshing and light. 

Price point. I picked up this bottle on sale for $8.00. A common misconception is that wine has to be expensive to be good, not always true!

Notes. This wine was organic! That's actually the reason why I picked it out (plus the fact that it was on sale). I didn't actually taste a difference between any other wine in the quality but I appreciated the price point and sustainable sourcing.