Wine of the Week: November 27, 2017

Happy Cyber Monday y'all! I've never been one to stand in a line at 4 am for a flat screen or a blender...I prefer to be in the comfort of my home ((for today, it'll be the comfort of my classroom)).

Today's wine of the week may be one of my favorites I've tried so far:  Toasted Head, a Chardonnay. The vintage (year) is 2015 from California (new world).


The flavors and nuances. This Chardonnay is unlike the one I posted about in last weeks Wine of the Week, it is heavily barrel aged with strong notes of vanilla and toast. These are common when a wine is aged in American oak; they tend to have a very strong "spice" profile. Although it is beautiful to pair with food, it is easy to enjoy on its own. 

What to pair your wine with. Although I drank this wine without a food pairing, I would love to drink it with a spicy creamy pasta or any braised meat, maybe lamb or grilled chicken breast.

What temperature to drink it at. This wine is best served chilled. Make sure to have it in the fridge before you serve to guests so they can experience the true flavor profiles of this wine.

Price point. I picked up this bottle for $10.00 at my local Fresh Thyme. A pretty great price point for a delicious bottle of Chardonnay! 

Notes. This wine will taste a little different than your average Chardonnay. Since it is barrel aged, it has prominent oak notes, which I truly enjoy. The flavors can be compared to things like marshmallows or even creamy caramel. Give it a try if you are adventurous!

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 10.13.29 PM.png