Sunday Wine-Day


What better way to celebrate the launch of my re-done blog then with a post about wine (and Winc none the less)? Some of you may know that I do have a subscription with Winc. I was contemplating the subscription for a while now... and I finally bit the bullet and did it! 

Here are some of the reasons why I decided to subscribe to Winc:

1. I feel as though my taste in wine consisted of Moscatto and anything Barefoot.

2. I wanted to branch out and start trying different kinds of wine. I am taking a wine tasting course this semester and want to be able to expand my pallet.

3. It's an amazing deal! I was able to purchase my first month of wine (4 bottles) for $27! Scroll down to the bottom of this post to find my coupon code.


Another reason why I love Winc is because its personalized to YOU. I took a short quiz to determine my flavor pallet. After the quiz, I was given the option to pick what kind of wine I wanted (red, white and how many of each within the set of four). I decided to go with the classic: two red and two white. Finally, Winc paired me with four types of wines they thought I would enjoy the best. I decided to swap out one of my whites for a rosé because it's rosé...duh! I decided to share my three favorites with y'all. I did like the last bottle I received but I drank it before I took these pictures...oops!

Also, can we talk about my new site? I am obsessed! Before I started my blog, I knew that I wanted to invest in a designer that would re-do my site for me just the way I wanted. I knew my site needed to be professional, easy to access and maneuver. Thanks to Chase Jennings, I was able to re-do my site just how I envisioned, at a price I could afford. I can't wait to grow my brand wit y'all over the years to come!

If this post couldn't get any better, I decided to throw in the perfect wine tasting outfit from Bow and Drape! I purchased this sweatshirt from one of the multiple flash sales they have on there Instagram.

Get $25 off with my Winc Code: markett71

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