For Him

My very first holiday gift guide as a blogger! Unlike other bloggers, I decided to put items that my boyfriend owns / has received and still loves. Almost all of these items are at a pretty good price ((and with Black Friday coming up, you should be able to snag them at an even better price))! If you scroll past the gift guide, I have also attached some other items that the man in your life may appreciate.

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1. This leather backpack from Frye. My boyfriend still uses a very similar backpack that he picked up from aldo a little over a year ago. It gives you the convenience of a backpack without loosing the style of a leather accessory.

2. A cologne sampler kit. I got my boyfriend this for his birthday over the summer and he loved it! He was on the hunt for a new cologne but wasn't set on one. I did some investigating and Sephora has an amazing deal with this kit: you purchase the kit and when your man is ready, he can bring in the coupon inside and exchange one of the samples for a full size.  It's a win-win, especially if you are not sure what scent he would love or if he wants to try a couple out for himself.

3. Socks. These certain socks are by Stance, and I've heard both my boyfriend and brother rave about them. Any nicer quality sock will definitely be a hit. It would even be a good idea to pick up some casual ones he can wear with business professional wear, but still fun and colorful.

4. A jersey. I can assure you that your significant other will appreciate this, even if you buy it second-hand. If he's into sports, this may be the gift for you to purchase. As long as you know what team he roots for, it's a pretty simple gift to buy and that he'd love. My boyfriend wears his jerseys almost daily and I know if I purchased him another one, he'd love that one just as much.

5. Slippers. This gift would be perfect for any man in your life, whether that be your dad, your father-in-law or brother. You can never go wrong with a classic leather slipper and these are at a pretty good price. If you want to splurge a little bit, Ugg makes a great pair.

6. Sunglasses, especially club masters. One of the first gifts I got my boyfriend was a pair of RayBan Club masters. He wears them to this day! Even my brother and Dad would agree that sunglasses are a classic gift to give, especially if you live in a sunnier area. These are from Warby Parker and are reasonably priced.

7. A wireless & compact speaker. This UE Megaboom speaker is the perfect size and quality for the price you're paying. Although it is a little more expensive, they should be having sales or promotions throughout the holiday season. I picked up this gray one last year during Amazon day for almost half off.

8. Wireless headphones. My brother and Dad both love their wireless headphones. They're nice if the man in your life likes to workout or is traveling often. They're convenient and easy to pack ((plus, they don't have a long cord to get tangled up in)). Although you may think wireless headphones are expensive, I found these for under $100. Since they have increased in popularity, more and more companies are coming out with them at better prices.

9. A Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch ((or a watch in general)). I picked this up for my boyfriends birthday present a couple of month ago ((during Amazon day)) and he loves it. It has the convenience of a smartwatch without the look of one. It's sleep and discreet and at a reasonable price. TIP: If you follow my link for JORD watches at the bottom of this post, you can find the other styles that my boyfriend and Dad are loving this holiday season.

10. A nice pair of dress or boots. The man in your life probably doesn't have time to go out and buy a nice pair of shoes for himself. Most of the time, my Mom is buying my Dad his dress shoes and I've now started buying them for my boyfriend. You can find dress shoes at any price point but companies like Nordstrom Rack and Aldo will give you the best quality without breaking your bank.

S h o p  t h e  g u i d e

Have an amazing Thanksgiving! Make sure to spend some quality time with your friends and family over the next couple of days. As always, comment, DM or email me with questions about this post.

XO. Natalie