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My second gift guide! I put together a couple of items that either I love, have received or have gifted. All of these items are under $200 and most of them are under $100! If you scroll past the gift guide, I have also attached some other items that the lady in your life may appreciate this Holiday season.

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  1. Wireless earbuds. You don't have to be gifting an athlete for these buds to be the perfect tech accessory. I love my wireless earbuds because of the convenience when working out, but i've seen lots of friends wear them around campus, on business trips or traveling.

  2. A unique watch. This JORD watch is the perfect example of a unique gift that won't break the bank. I was gifted the FRANKIE35 and absolutely love it. It actually is very flattering and goes with almost anything. It's made of 100% natural wood with sapphire crystal glass ((plus the design is oh so sleak)). With my link, you can snag 25% off!

  3. Christmas pajamas. What can be better than Christmas jammies? You can opt for a pair for around $45, but brands like Old Navy have some for under $20.

  4. A wine subscription box. If y'all have been following me for a while, you know my love for Winc. I love it so much that i've even started a weekly wine post to highlight my favorites wines. Being a certified sommelier, I can confidently say that these wines are top quality and just as trendy. My code for $25 off: markett71

  5. A fuzzy robe/ slippers. Just like the pajamas, who can go wrong with a comfy robe or slippers? This is the perfect gift for your mother-in-law, new girlfriend or roommate you really don't know what to get. Honestly, I love anything cozy and comfortable so bring on all the loungewear.

  6. A ((barefoot dreams)) blanket. Although I don't own one myself, I have heard plenty of bloggers and friend rave about the coziness of Barefoot Dreams. Yes, it is pricey for a blanket but it is totally worth the hype. I found a couple at Nordstrom Rack the other day and need to go back to pick one up for my apartment.

  7. Workout shoes. Athletic or not, a cute pair of sneakers is never a bad choice. I love my Adidas tubular, but I also love brands like Nike or Asics for running.

  8. A candle, especially Volcano from Anthropologie. I cannot rave enough about this candle. Anyone I have gifted this too is never a disappointment. It is the most pleasant scent in the entire world, like a subtle tropical, refreshing scent perfect for any room in your home. It's very neutral so it could be gifted to almost anyone.

  9. Sugarfina gummies. My boyfriend picked up a six-pack box of these SUgarfina gummies from Nordstrom for my 21st and I absolutely loved them. They're so trendy and actually taste delicious; take that from someone who doesn't even like gummy bears to begin with!

  10. A cute mug. I love filling these with smaller things like mini chocolates, nail polish or fuzzy socks. It makes for a perfect stocking stuffer!

  11. A facemask. If you are like me and my roomies, facemasks have become a ritual. Herbivore makes great facemasks, yet are a little on the pricey side. Companies like Alba also makes facemasks that you can find at Target ((plus, great ingredients for a fraction of the cost)).

  12. Jewelry. This is a classic, especially for the holidays. Nordstrom has some great deals on jewelry ((take it from a former jewelry salesperson at Nordstrom MKE)). Believe it or not, you can find some great deals for great quality pieces. Even if you aren't buying gold and diamonds, I would still try to opt for sterling silver/crystals, etc. The last thing you want is your pieces to turn green or fall apart. Jewelry is an investment piece, so make sure you are buying it for a very special lady... like your Mom!

S h o p t h e g u i d e

H o w  t o  s t y l e  y o u r  J O R D

It's dead week here at Purdue which means exams are next week... it's been quite an adventure balancing school and blogging! I cannot wait to get back to full-time blogging and posting once this semester is through. As always... comment, DM, or email me with any questions about this guide!

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