Wavy Blues


Anyone in the Midwest can attest to the fact that this weather has been insanely bipolar lately. One day I am ready to bundle up next to a fire with some pumpkin spice tea((I know, basic)) and the next I'm wearing cut-offs and sandals. This outfit has been working perfectly for this fluctuating weather. The fringe denim is long enough to keep my legs warm but summery enough to remind me of summer while the top is made of a light sweater material with flowy sleeves to remind me of warm weather without giving me too much warmth.


When it comes to the time of the year when I am looking for pieces to add to my wardrobe that will help me live through weather like this, I made sure to pick tops that have love sleeves yet are thinner material and jeans or bottoms that are warm yet breathable, like the fringe on the bottom of these white WM3 jeans.


Fringe has been at the top of the trends for summer 2017, but who says you can't bring them into fall? I paired this bright outfit with my beloved chunky Madewell sandals. The dark color and thick straps add drama for a perfect transition piece.


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