January Favorites

Where has January gone? It seems like this month flew by, and I haven't finished half of the things I wanted too! Instead of focusing on what I didn't get a chance to finish, I'm going to focus on the things I accomplished and loved this month!

One of my biggest accomplishments in January was regularly doing Yoga. Most of you don't know this but I've had scoliosis since 2010; although it doesn't hinder me in any way now, I am trying my best to correct my curve naturally and prevent further damage as I age. Yoga is one of the best ways to strengthen and stretch your back; it's also an amazing calming mechanism in my opinion. Taking 30 minutes out of my day to focus on my body truly helps get me through any stresses life throws at me. Enough of that, let's get into my January favorites!


1. Sunday Riley Skincare... specifically Good Genes & Luna oil

  • I've gotten a sample of Good Genes before but never bit the bullet because of the high price tag. Bringing these products back into my skincare routine has changed my skin dramatically. I have small wrinkles from laugh lines and through regular use of Good Genes, they actually decreased / basically are gone. This is not a drill! It's like jumping into the fountain of youth.

2. Well Watered Woman journal

  • Journaling has never been a strong suit of mine until I found this journal by Well Watered Woman. Regardless of what religion or belief you may practice, journaling is a good form of reflection. I've found this journey and it has already changed my perspective on things and helped focus my mind on the important aspects of life, similar to what yoga has done to my mind, body & soul!

3.Kate Spade card holder

  • My boyfriends' Dad picked this card holder up for me as a Christmas present and I have been using it non-stop! My current wallet doesn't have a slot for cards, so this is perfect to slip into my bag. It's also helpful when I'm carrying a smaller bag and don't want my cards flying everywhere.

4. Beach waver

  • I've talked about this curling iron before but I have been using it so much this past month! Ever since I got extensions, I've been curling my hair almost daily. This curling rod is so easy to use and create beachy-waves. A great investment.

5. Black suede booties

  • Surprisingly, I've been wearing these a lot in January! I got a pair similar to these a while back from Aldo but they hid in my closet without much use. I finally was going through my clothes and found them. Instead of trying to sell them, I decided to bring them back into my wardrobe and here I am, wearing them almost daily!

6. Immune Support tea/vitamins

  • Mid-2017, I made a conscious decision to start to switch my products and lifestyle to a more organic/holistic way of living. Knock on wood but I have not gotten sick at all this winter, and I'm convinced it's the vitamins I have been taking! I try to drink a similar immunity tea every day to boost my probiotic and to build a healthy defense system within my body. I'll make a blog post all about the supplements I take to help get me through the sick season ((P.S. I didn't even get a flu shot this year and so far I've surpassed the flu))!

7. Ultrabland by Lush

  • Although Lush does greenwash from time to time, they are a great brand to chose if you are switching to a more natural way of life/product base. I've been loving this makeup melt called Ultrabland. It is a non-scented oil-based cream that, after I moisten my face with a hot towel, rub everywhere to get all the dirt and makeup off my skin. After that, I normally take a face wash and use my Clarisonic to remove the excess... then continue with my skincare routine

8. Cute reusable cups

  • An easy and affordable way to help reduce your plastic use! You can get three of these cups at Target for a great price.

9. This essential oil blend

  • Although this blend is too strong for my room, I love to put it in the apartment living room to freshen things up. It's soft, floral yet refreshing enough to keep all of my roommates happy with the smell. Courtesy of diffuserblends.com ((I pin a lot of there pins on my Pinterest - here is my essential oil board!))

10. Forks over knives

  • My Mom introduced me to this magazine/app. If you are trying to consume more plant-based foods, I would highly recommend purchasing this app. They have amazing recipes and easy-to-follow grocery lists that you can make right off the app. It makes vegan-ish life, so much easier!

Sometime in Feburary, I will be hosting my own giveaway! I'm teaming up with one, possibly two other businesses to give one of my followers some of my favorite items I've been loving over the past year. Make sure to subscribe to my email list or follow my Instagram to keep up!

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