Summer White


Summer is finally here! So much has been happening in my life (if you follow me on Instagram, you know! I update my stories on the reg). I have graduated undergrad, unpacked and packed, spent time with friends and family and will be moving in a couple of days! Hello Chicago! 


The Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale is happening now! I am rounding up some of my personal favorite picks. It's exciting to think that I will be interning with Nordstrom in a few short weeks. Message me on Instagram if you need a personal shopper! No joke... I am so willing to be your go-to girl.


If you have been following me from the beginning, you know that I started off (mostly) sharing outfit posts and from time to time, would share some tips and tricks about life. I have always had the intention to use #TMYM as a positive and uplifting platform everyone who wants to join. Although I want to still share my ootd's will everyone, I want to let you know that change is coming... but good change! You may have already noticed a slow transition throughout my Instagram, focusing my pictures less on the items I am wearing and more on a general topic of conversation; things that bring me joy, make me smile or what is on my mind at the moment. Right now, I am obsessing over home decor (hello apartment) and essential oils. I just signed up with Young Living and can't wait to share my journey with everyone! Don't worry, I am not solely committing myself to YL, I also want to give DoTERRA a shot! Some other brands I love that aren't MLM: Saje Wellness and Plant Therapy.


Here are some things you can be expecting to see in the future: apartment inspo/decor, the start of my YouTube channel (!!!!YAY!!!!), launching my Amazon store so you can shop what I love, sharing my oil journey and so much more.

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All photos are taken and edited by Hannah Dusharm.