My Top Jewelry Picks


Something I have learned to love and experiment with has been jewelry. After working in the jewelry department at Nordstrom Milwaukee, I developed a finer understanding for what my favorite pieces I wanted to share those styles with you!


For the past year or so, simple/quality jewelry has risen in popularity. I feel in love with Bony Levy and Lana jewelry. Here is the thing, dainty jewelry mostly likely means a higher price point. If you want to wear the necklace day-in and day-out, you have to prepare to spend a little bit more money to avoid wear and deterioration. Some companies, like Kay Jewelry, will have trendier pieces! The pendant my parents got me for graduation is from Kay Jewelry, and it's adorable yet trendy to wear daily.


Some brands I love for quality & higher end pieces:

Some brands I love for quality alternatives (that shouldn't be worn while sleeping, showering, etc):

The jewelry I wear daily:

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