Reflecting on 2017 // Planning for 2018

2017 has been one heck of a year. Unlike most, I actually had a pretty wonderful year. Here are some of my highlighted moments of 2017:

  • I landed a summer internship with The Breakers; a luxury resort in Palm Beach, Florida. ((Check out my post on how I laned my dream internship - & how you can as well)).

  • I finished up my Junior year at Purdue and started my Senior year.

  • I moved to Florida for three months, meeting friends I will keep forever and making decisions that will impact my future.

  • I decided I want to attend graduate school for Human Resources this coming fall.

  • I will (probably) move to Chicago in July 2018, if all goes as planned and I get a job.

  • I visited a dear from (Julie of Shop Worth Knowing) after driving up from Florida.

  • I was able to put myself first for once, deciding that some friendships either take breaks or are outgrown. Some people grow at a different pace, but that took me some time to understand.

  • I moved in with three of my amazing friends at Purdue.

  • I'm spending almost every day with my friends, love & face-timing my family; filling my life with as much optimism as I can.

  • I lived a healthy lifestyle, worked out consistently and started to love my body ((still working on it!!)).

  • Last but not least, I started this venture of a blog. A place where I can share my tips, advice, and fashion all on one platform.

I cannot wait to see what 2018 will bring. A tradition that one of my friends taught me for goal making: on New Year's Eve, write your goals down, doodle and decorate the paper, and hang it up so you can see it every day. What works for me is when I make my goals reasonable. That being said, setting goals like "drink a bottle of water each day" or "work out twice a week". I think most of us can agree that setting extreme goals tend to be forgotten after a couple of months. Most of us need to ease into a lifestyle change, versus going cold-turkey. That is how I found success in 2017.


top // skirt // bag // bracelet // shades

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Some of my goals & plans for 2018 include:

  • Start to consume more plant-based foods, eliminating meat slowly to hopefully become vegan or vegetarian.

  • Save as much $ as I can. If I do decide to move to Chicago, I'll have the cushion of extra cash saved up throughout the past year.

  • Really work on my blog & possibly start a YouTube channel. Earlier in the year, I asked if any of my Instagram followers would like ((or even watch)) YouTube videos that I would post. Over half of the responders voted Y E S... I think it's a sign?

  • Keep living a positive lifestyle, bringing yoga back to my workout routine & worrying less about material possessions.

In 2018, I'd love to travel to a new country or region even if that be for a couple of days. In 2018, I will be graduating from Purdue University with my undergraduate degree, and pursuing my graduate degree in Human Resources. In 2018, I will be furthering my beliefs, pursuing happiness and open-mindedness. In 2018, I will live life with an open heart and keep persistent to my goals. I am excited and thrilled to close one year of my life and open up the next. Cheers to 2018!

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