Valentine's Day Ideas

To me, Valentine's Day is not about gift giving. Maybe it's just me being a broke college student, but I think Valentine's Day should be spent with the one you love doing the things you love. I've compiled a list of 5 things you and your significant other can do on the 14th that won't break the bank!

Valentine's Day Ideas
  1. Put together your favorite Tasty / Bosh recipes and make a feast at home.

    1. Mitch and I love doing this. Although going out to dinner is nice, it can get expensive. Putting together some recipes you've been dying to try and making them together ((with a bottle of wine)) can always be a blast.

      1. My favorite wine is WINC. If you've been following me for a while, you'd know that I love sharing brands that I love! If you use my code "markett71" then you can get $25 off your first 4 bottles!

  2. Movie night

    1. We are biggggg movie / Netflix fans. Mitch actually has a projector in his room so our movie nights are extra cozy. Gather your favorite blankets, snacks, and wine to watch a movie you've been dying to see.

  3. Go for a walk and disconnect yourself from the world of social media.

    1. Hopefully, you're in a warm area, but disconnecting yourself from social media by going for a walk can be so calming and relaxing. It's easy to constantly be connected to your phone, so taking time to talk about anything and everything can be a great way to spend your 14th.

  4. Painting and canvas

    1. Although this isn't an at-home activity, Mitch and I did this one year and it was one of the best dates we had. We ordered a bottle of wine and painted away! I would suggest not going exactly on Valentine's day because it would probably be very busy.

  5. Explore something you've wanted to for a while

    1. This could be a road trip or even going to your local art museum. If you're close to a national park or even a downtown city, it could be fun to explore some local or free attractions! The other weekend, Mitch and I went to explore Mass Ave. and try out some bars around. Just spending time together, buying a drink (or five) and eating some appetizer foods makes for a perfect night.

Valentine's day doesn't have to be about gifts. These are things that Mitch and I have done for the past three years now. ((P.S. I can't believe it's been three years))! Have a happy Valentine's Day , loves!

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