Tips to Unwind at Home

How often is it that we here the words "treat yo self" but when was the last time you spent some time for you. 2018 has been full of self-reflection and self-growth. I truly believe that taking time to yourself is very important. For some, it is harder to do than others; to find time in your day to do something completely for you, whether that be watching a YouTube video, painting your nails or meditation. I've put together some of my favorite tips, ideas and products that help me unwind at home.

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  • Take five minutes of your day to lay, sit down and just breathe.

    • One of my professors starts her class off every day with a 1 - 5 minute guided meditation. She uses the website head space for guided & quick meditation; I've seen the add for Calm all over my Instagram feed, and love to use it from time to time. Guided meditation, for me, has been a helpful way to force myself to bring relaxation and reflection into my life. It allows me to take some time every day to do absolutely nothing but just relax.

  • Once a week, do a face mask / hair mask and if you have time throw in a mani / pedi.

    • This. Is. So. Important. Taking time to take care of your body can show amazing results in your overall health. Pick a day, like Sunday, that works best for you and literally write it down in your calendar to make time for your relaxation. I love using sheet masks right before bed; they are quick, mess-free and allow give me some time to lay back and unwind.

  • Set your alarm every day for five minutes earlier than you want to get up.

    • No, I am not crazy! This may not be for everyone but often times when I set my alarm a little earlier than I have to get up, it gives me some extra time to hit the snooze and take in those extra minutes in bed ((something I really enjoy)).

    • Another option is taking this time to make a cup of tea or sit and enjoy some quiet. My mom loves to do this in the mornings, which is her time to unwind.

  • Journal, type, write or doodle

    • One of my goals in 2018 was to journal more. The journal I am currently using is by Well Watered Woman. Although I don't write in it on a daily basis, I do when I remember. It helps me reflect on what I find important in my life and gives me clarity after a busy day.

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What are some of your favorite ways to unwind? I'd love to hear your tips on how to relax during a week packed with things to do. Let me know in the comments below or follow me on Instagram to connect with me every day!

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