What I Learned as an Undergraduate Student


My four years at Purdue University flew by. I put together a list of, what I believe, were the most important lessons I took away from my undergraduate degree.


1.     I appreciate my family so much more

a.     After moving away and experiencing college life, I appreciate my family so much more. This is not to say that I didn’t love and respect my family beforehand but I found a new love for them when I moved away. I am sure that those of you who have moved far away from family and friends you are close to have felt the same thing.

2.     Picking genuine friends in college is important, don’t be afraid to detox your social life

a.     I want to write a longer post about this but here is a short synopsis of what I have learned. As most people do, I meet a lot of different people in college. Greek life was a large part of Purdue, something I appreciate but wasn’t for me. I ended up becoming friends with a group of girls who didn’t have the same morals and goals as I did which ended up in toxic relationships that I am so thankful I cut out. It was hard, but my true friends helped me through it and because of that experience I learned what true friends are to me and who is worth my energy/time. I want to be able to surround myself with positive people, and be able to give positivity back to them.

3.     Going to class is so important

a.     GO. TO. CLASS. Oh my gosh I could not stress this enough. You pay for college and every single class costs money. It may not be your money, maybe you have a loan, maybe you’re on scholarship or maybe your parents are helping you pay for it. Here is the truth: someone is paying for you to attend these classes and University. Along with this, going to class will help you learn what is going on especially in classes you may be struggling with.

Purdue 4

4.     Stay healthy. It’s easy to lose a habit of health and fitness but trust me, consistency will help you stay in college

a.     College will be tough at times and will test your limits. Fuel your body with the healthiest food you can obtain and stay hydrated. While you’re at it, throw in a couple of exercises a week to keep your body and mind stimulated and receptive. For me, exercise and eating healthy helps keep my mind and body alert. This is something that helped me get through some tough times in college. I love taking yoga classes for clarity and focus but also live for BBG workouts at home or with friends.

5.     Utilize what your school provides

a.     There is nothing wrong with utilizing everything that your school provides for you; whether that be the gyms, libraries, health facilities or advisors. The University you chose to attend is proving these services for you. I loved having access to my gym and brand new libraries to study at. Purdue has tons of health and wellness clinics that help with physical and mental illness, which was an amazing tool I used during my time as an undergrad.

6.     If your major isn’t working out or if grades are slipping, reach out to your advisor to see how your University can help you

a.     I switched majors three times and still graduated in three years. I was nervous to switch into Hospitality and Tourism Management since it was something new to me but I am so happy that I did. Don’t be afraid to venture out to different classes or fields, just be realistic. I knew I wanted to graduate in four years and made sure to take summer courses to help achieve that goal.

7.     Four years goes by so fast, enjoy every moment of it

a.     Everyone says this, but it truly does. I have meet my best friends, love of my life, professors I admire and everyone in between during my four years in West Lafayette. Take in every moment, keep the connections that are important to you and make sure to experience college to its’ fullest potential. It goes by so quickly. 

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Photos courtesy of the beautiful Emily. If you live in the Indiana area, please reach out to her and tell her I sent ya!