Fresh Summer Color (& All About My Blonde)


Here is the truth... I am naturally brunette! Yes, it's crazy right. My blonde "balayage" of sorts has taken multiple colorists, appointments and months of transition to find the right salon, colorist, and shade I love. I decided to share with y'all every important detail about my blonde; from who I see, what my stylist likes to use and how I maintain healthy hair! 



Who I see:  Kelly Miller at RMCM salon. You. GUYS. Let's just leave it at this, I used to travel from Purdue (2 hours) to color my hair. Kelly does such an amazing blonde that is easy to maintain and just the tone I love. It's taken a while for me to find the right colorist, one that blends my natural color with my blonde enough to where it's easy to maintain for months. Another perk, she gets the right shade of blonde!

I asked Kelly some questions about her favorite products, especially for blondes... here are her responses:

What is your favorite shampoo, conditioner, product:

  • It's very important to use color-safe and sulfate-free products, especially when your hair is colored. TRUTH: Though they may be higher price point, salon-quality products are insurance for your color! Why would you spend money on a new look, only to shorten the longevity of it with cheap shampoo? A purple shampoo is also important to keep away yellow or brassy tones and keep your blonde bright. However, less is more! I recommend using a purple shampoo one time per week to prevent over clarifying or depositing violet tones. On non-purple days, I suggest a salon-quality shampoo that is specifically for colored hair. The key ingredient to avoid is ‘sulfates’!

Best tip to keep hair healthy & strong:

  • To keep your hair healthy and strong, you should definitely use a protectant before any heat styling! I’d also recommend regular haircuts to keep your ends fresh and healthy. It may seem backwards, but fresh ends look and feel much better than dead split ends. A mask can also be a good idea, but limit use to once/week. Most masks contain keratin and protein that make your hair strong but overdoing it can be too heavy on the strands and can cause them to break.

Shampoo/heat styling:

  • Getting on a good shampoo schedule is a great idea, too. The longer you can go between washes, the better! Most people think their hair will get greasy, but it can be trained- and dry shampoo is a great way to extend your style. The more you wash, the more your hair will overproduce oils and will need to be washed again.

  • I personally try to air dry my hair on day 1, style it straight with a blow dryer or iron on day 2, curl it on day 3, and wear it up in a ponytail or style on day 4! ‘Less is more’ when it comes to shampoo and heat.

  • Often times color-treated or lightened hair is paired with a gloss or toner to color-correct unwanted tones or add richness and shine. They are only temporary, so the more you shampoo, the faster your toner/gloss will fade.

If you need a colorist in Chicago, make sure to contact Kelly! Message her on Instagram (or you can give the salon a call: (312) 834-9592 ) They are located right next to Sprinkles, close to Michigan Avenue Chicago.

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