Work Week Essentials

Work can be stressful, but your life before and after your job doesn’t have to be! I am a huge believer that the energy you surround yourself with will set the mood for the rest of the day. Another rule I always follow is to never bring my work home with me; this has helped to balance my work & life but has also given me the freedom that we all deserve.



  • Every since I started waking up at the same time every day (aside from Sunday because no body has time for an early Sunday morning), I have felt more accomplished throughout the day. I use the Sleep Cycle to track my sleep and rest time.

  • Yerba Mate or SporTea every morning

    • Yerba Mate (also found in SporTea) has been used for generations as a coffee substitute in South America. It gives you fluid energy without the crash or jittery-ness of coffee. I don’t know about you, but some coffees give me pretty bad headaches, and this gives me just the amount of energy I need.

      • P.S. I have a SporTea coupon under my “Shop” tad!

  • Homemade Matcha Latte for the commute to work

    • Every since I got my Almond Cow, I have been making non-coffee lattes almost daily. I love making a clean matcha latte with cinnamon and a dash of maple syrup for my commute to work

  • Air Pods

    • If you are a commuter, these will help shorten the ride to and from work. They are 100% worth the investment.

  • Wellness Roller

    • Every morning, I roll my wellness roller on my best and on the bottoms of my feet. It is a blend of ginger, thieves and clove diluted with grapeseed oil. This is a step I do to help with my routine.

      • You can use this roller to make your own blends, like I do!

  • 1 drop of Valor in my hand & breathe

    • This helps to set my intention and mood for the day. Valor is a great encouraging and balancing oil.

During the day:


  • Water is your friend

    • Don’t try to go the entire day on coffee or tea, caffeinated beverages hold dehydrating properties.

  • Organizing your day

    • Invest in a desk calendar or a planner. I use both my physical calendar and my computer to keep track of any meetings or reports due during the day. This keeps me accountable in more than one space.

  • Cute pens help

    • Not only do they help you color coordinate but they also make your life less boring in the office

  • Headache roller

    • Not only does this eliminate your intake of Advil for headaches, it actually works. I swear by this roller and any of my friends who have tried it feel the same way. It is a life savor, and a top seller on Saje.

Other things I love

  • Try to bring routine into your day. I try to get at last 6 hours of sleep a night, the more sleep… the better your next day is!

  • Make sure to pack a healthy and colorful lunch, to avoid the afternoon lunch.

  • Stand once an hour, if you sit at a desk.

  • If you feel tired, walk around your office for a bit or go outside. Fresh air can help clear your head more than anything.

  • If you are truly stuck in your job, it’s ok to apply for other positions! You are the driving force of your future, never feel bad to pursue your dreams or a career path.

    • If you need help with a resume or cover letter, shoot me an email and I would be happy to help!

  • Remember, every day comes to an end. Don’t let the stresses of work effect your life, mood or overall health. Remember that a healthy mind is one of the most important things you can have… cherish that!

X, Natalie.