What to Gift Yourself on Valentine's Day (Single or Not)

It’s no surprise that Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Whether you celebrate the holiday or aren’t a fan… you deserve self-care whatever month it is.


  1. Rose Quartz Wine Chillers

    1. I first saw these via Sivan Ayla’s blog and fell in love; how perfect!

  2. A luxurious pajama set

    1. You can never go wrong with a classic pajama set, and this one is so luxurious & under 100.

  3. The infamous wedgie Levis

    1. I just ordered these & I am soooo excited to wear them. I love how they elevate a look. (make sure to size up).

  4. Rose Quartz Gua Sha

    1. What the heeeeeck is a gua sha? Think of a facial massage tool. I’ve seen tons of instagrammers rave about the benefits of daily facial massage… definitly something i’m picking up!

  5. Eye gel masks

    1. Pop these in the fridge for an extra chilly & refreshing moment.

  6. Nike Air Force 1 Platforms

    1. I recently fell in love with these sneakers; so cute! I love the fuscia shade for V-Day but am getting them in all white.

  7. Coco rose body polish

    1. This is a luxe body polish if I ever did see one! I’ve used it before and absolutly loved how it made my skin feel. If you have bumpy arms like I do, this helps to calm your skin down pretty well.

  8. Joy Essential Oil

    1. I picked up this oil last month & can’t wait to test it out for you!

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X. Natalie.