22 Things About Me

Hi! My name is Natalie, content creator and owner of The More You Merlot! TMYM is a lifestyle blog focused on leading a positive and natural life. Since I turned 22 in August, I decided to share 22 things you may not know about me. It’s been a while since I’ve done a post like this, if i’ve ever done one!

  1. I graduated this past May from Purdue University with a degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management.

    • I actually picked Purdue for the most random reason… I had a roommate (yeah you guys… I picked my University based on the fact that I had a roommate. She is now one of my best friends so it worked out!)

  2. I am Court of Master Sommelier certified: Level 1

    • I basically know a lot about wine

  3. When I was younger, I wanted to be a pediatrician; my doctor still has a drawing hanging up on her wall with a note I made her when I was in preschool

  4. My parents are both Polish, and I am a first generation student and citizen

  5. I meet Mitch at his frat Halloween party my freshman year

    • This is SO embarrassing but I followed one of his friends on Snapchat before I even knew Mitch existed. I saw a story with him and literally told my friends “OMG this guy is so cute I have to meet him”. I know… i’m a creep!

  6. In college, I thought I would work for Conde Nast and live out my Devil Wears Prada dreams

    • I did a workshop with Teen Vogue in college and although it was so glamorous, it was not the field for me

  7. I became vegan for lent in 2018

    • I lost around 20 pounds in that first month alone and felt my best (I want to go back to being fully vegan but with eggs and fish)

  8. I spent 35 days in Australia the summer before I attended college with National Geographic

    • I slept in the outback without a shower for 5 days, it was wild. This was the best trip of my life, to date! Next stop, Bali.

  9. I had a blog before TMYM called Strawberries and Sparkles. Go ahead and try to find it on the internet, i’m sure it’s somewhere

  10. I am pursuing my masters degree and secretly love school… never thought i’d say that

  11. I spent 35 days in Europe with my college roommate our freshman year; it was such an eye-opening trip to go to Europe (essentially) alone! You can read about my travels here.

  12. I love my dogs so much, I cry about them whenever I have too much wine lol

  13. I am an organized mess. I hate having a dirty home but definitely have a “chair” where I throw all of my clothes on

  14. I have a younger brother, who is soooo annoying but I love him to death (annoying in the best way)

  15. I am pretty extroverted, and often try to bring laughter into any situation. I do feel most comfortable when I am with other people I am familiar with.

  16. I lived in Florida for three months last summer, and it was the best summer ever. I spent my 21st in Delray and had the craziest adventure ever (I was scared no one was going to come but it was actually a group of like… 20 of us!)

  17. I dream of having my own children one day, a big wedding and a cute house. Sorry but I am such a typical girl like that

  18. I am Catholic & working toward a stronger relationship with God every day

  19. I love some ghetto rap but also some Ariana Grande. I am seeing her this April with my friend and it’s so embarrassing but going to be amazing

  20. I am pretty artistic, and actually won two Golden Key awards for my art in high school. I was featured in the Milwaukee Art Museum twice!

    • I would love to get back into art (i’m considering opening an etsy shop for painted jean jackets… thoughts?)

  21. I wish I could like 200 lives so I can pursue every career path that I dream of doing. I have too many goals and not enough time!

    1. I’m also so impatient and indecisive, with is a draw back when you want to live out your dream yesterday

  22. I grew up speaking Polish and can understand it; speaking it is a different story, but would love to re-learn it before I attend my cousins wedding in 2020

X, Natalie