All About My Hair (Summer 2019)

To say my hair has been through a journey is an understatement! Well… kind of! My hair is naturally medium-deep brown with gold undertones and I have finally found my colorist (and friend) for life who creates the perfect blonde for me! I see Kelly Miller at Salon Lofts!

Image by: @mitch_fawsman

Image by: @mitch_fawsman

Let’s go through a little re-wind, shall we…

The collage starts with my most recent picture all the way through my blonde transition. The picture of me at Disney World (wearing mickey ears) was when I started seeing Kelly! Goes to show that a good blonde takes time, patience & a quality colorist! I went from brown, to deep brown, to yellow blonde (when I first started coloring my hair), to over colored hair, to a melty summer blonde I have now!

I asked Kelly some Q’s… and here are the A’s:

Q: What’s the hardest part of your job/ what are some real expectations people should have when coloring their hair?

A: The hardest part of my job is a stylist is interpreting what the client wants based on pictures and descriptions, and translating that into the look they had in mind. In the era of Instagram filters and editing apps, however, it can be really difficult to explain to a client what the hair they’re showing me looks like in real life. It’s also difficult to explain why a hair color cannot be achieved in one session or why certain tones are inevitable. Here are some tips and terms to better explain to your stylist what you hope to achieve! 

then and now

Helpful tips & terms:

  • Tones

    • “warm” means red / orange / yellow undertones. Descriptive words: golden, copper, buttery, honey, caramel. Warmth can be really beautiful and it’s important to understand that when lightening dark hair, you will need to lighten through red and orange to eventually reach yellow (blonde). During the process, these warm tones will likely be exposed. When going dark to light, don’t expect cool tones on the first try. 

  • Cool

    • means blue undertones. Think more of a whiter blonde than a golden blonde, or a chocolate brown more than chestnut brown. Descriptive words: ashy, icy, platinum. Cool tones are less natural and often achieved by toners. Be aware that if warmth is exposed and a toner is used to neutralize it or cool it down, the toner will fade with time and the warmth may be present again. Purple and blue shampoos are a popular method to keep colors cool and cancel out unwanted orange and yellow tones. 

  • Balayage

    • a descriptor for sun kissed, natural looking hair. Balayage can be achieved by multiple different methods, but typically by painting the hair in a way in which the sun would hit in. Traditionally, just the surface of the hair is painted and the underside is left untouched, giving it a very dimensional, natural look. Usually some root is incorporated so the outgrowth is seamless and doesn’t leave a harsh line of demarcation. 

  • Highlights

    • baby lights are a method of foiling. They often start close to the scalp, unlike a balayage, and achieve more of an all over look. Highlights are often incorporated in a balayage to add brighter or lighter pieces or overall dimension. 

Words of wisdom from Kelly:

Kelly: Be realistic with your expectations! Don’t believe everything you see on the internet and trust your stylist to keep the best interest of your hair in mind. (Natalie here, this means your hair is an investment. Just like buying a nice bag, you want your hair to last so investigate your colorist! If you are paying them $, expect good communication and a nice color). Their priority is the integrity of your hair, then achieving your desired look. It may not be attainable to balance both in just one session, so be patient and trust the process! 

Looking to get my color?

Kelly: Focus on what you like about the picture. A lot of times clients will bring in pictures of cute girls in cute outfits in with cute curated background and I ask them what they like about the hair. It’s easy to get drawn to an aesthetic of a picture, instead of the actual hair. Another tip, ice white blonde doesn’t look great on everyone (Natalie: I am not meant to be fully blonde with 1 tone / super icy). As a blonde myself, I always gravitate to really cool blondes, but I know what washes me out and a hint of gold is more complementary to my skin tone. Trust your stylists suggestions for what would look best with your features and natural undertones.

Instagram Q & A:

Q: What are your favorite hair masks/ products

Kelly: Kerastase resistance mask for damaged hair, briogeo don’t despair-repair, Olaplex no 3.

Natalie: Truthfully, I don’t do a lost of hair masks. I’ve heard some people love coconut oil but it doesn’t work for me. I’ve tried this one before and like it!

Q: Tips for frizzy hair

Kelly: Serums will help but a good keratin smoothing treatment will make it the smoothest and most manageable.

Natalie: My hair is wavy, so it can get frizzy in the summer / humidity. I don’t really fight it but I love the Oribe hair oil to run through my dry hair, even sometimes after I style it. I feel like this helps keep my frizz at bay!

Q: How often should I really get it cut? I want healthy ends with constant growth.

Kelly: You should cut it every 4-6 weeks, definitely recommended before or after a color service. It sounds like a business scheme but in reality, healthier ends look and feel thicker than dry, brittle split ends. The more often you trim, the less likely you’ll need a big cut all at once.

Q: What is your favorite tip for healthy hair? Your hair grows so fast!

Natalie: I get this question sooooo often. Although I don’t know the exact answer (like scientifically), I have to commend my hair growth to:

  • A. Having an amazing colorist who doesn’t over-dye your hair. This keeps my hair healthy, realistic and natural! When I used to basically bleach my hair it was so crusty and dead. Now, I keep my root color close to my natural color so the grow out is easy and healthy!

    • I also use good quality shampoo and conditioner. I like Acure Mega Moisture and Juice Organics Smoothing Duo (I recently finished these and loved them).

    • Purchasing high-quality and healthy hair products is like insurance for your color!

  • B. Not using a ton of heat on my hair. Giving my hair a break, doing a couple masks from time to time, and not tying it up high & tight.

  • I don’t take any hair supplements, and actually saw the most growth when I stopped taking Biotin. I discussed this with my doctors, and they didn’t see the need for me to take any extra Biotin. I recently started taking marine collagen, but again… please discuss with your western or holistic doctor before you start taking random supplements! I only trust getting mine from Thrive or doctor recommended.

Have more hair questions? Shoot me an email! Want to schedule an appointment with Kelly? Shoot her a DM here or schedule an appointment with her here! Tell her I sent ya!

X, Natalie.

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