Our Weekend Adventure


Finishing up my undergraduate degree has been a surreal experience. It still hasn't hit me that, in less than a week, I will be a college graduate. For Purdue students, the week after classes end we have 7 days of "senior week" before we officially graduate. Although I can't wait to relax and soak up the last of my time at Purdue, I wanted to go out and explore something close. Mitch and I decided to head down to Indianapolis (close to where he is from) to explore and eat amazing food. One of the places we went was the 100 Acres Art Nature Park close to the IMA. It was gorgeous and completely free! The IMA is $18 per person, but this park (in walking distance from the museum) was free, which we loved! 


The park was filled with amazing trails and installations (like the funky bones that are re-made in The Fault in Our Stars. The weather was amazing, making for a perfect walk around the park. We then headed to the Carmel area to catch some lunch and finish up our day walking around some shops.


s h o p  m y  l o o k

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