Fall/Winter Holistic Essentials

I am not a doctor but am simply sharing what has worked for me. Please consult any of this information with your holistic healthcare provider before taking it yourself, just to be safe that it will be OK for you to use!

Around this time last year I really started to invest time into learning about holistically preparing my body for the changing seasons. I love sharing my holistic tips and tricks with you on Instagram, especially via stories! I’ve gotten a couple of DMs about what vitamins, supplements and any preventative steps I take to prepare my body for winter.

Here is a list of what I use & why I use it:

(* = take it daily)

  • Elderberry Syrup *

    • Why I take it: Elderberry is you new best friend! Packed with antioxidants, it keeps your immune sstem strong and resilient for preventative health!

    • Brands I like:

      • If you are in Milwaukee, Tippecanoe Herbs is a great option for small batch Elderberry (and lots of other holistic/plant based remedies). They also ship!

      • Sambucus Fizzy Nature’s Way. I like to mix this with my ACV in the morning.

  • D3/K2 Spray *

    • Why I take it: Seasonal depression is a real thing. During the colder months, I tend to feel sluggish. My holistic doctor suggested this spray and I have been truly enjoying it. This spray allows you to take a form of Vitamin D when you cannot get enough from the sun.

    • Brands I like:

      • DaVinci Labs. My holistic doctor recommended this brand and I love it so far; super convenient.

  • Wellness Herbal Resistance Liquid *

    • Why I take it: This liquid supplement contains a bunch of herbs to help support a healthy relationship. It is packed with things like Echinacea and Goldenseal which help promote well-being.

    • Brands I like:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar (taken every other day)

    • Why I take it: ACV helps to start my day, boosting my metablism especially when I forget a workout or two during the colder months. Take with caution, too much vinegar can be hurtful for your stomach and intestines.

    • Brands I like:

      • Bragg. I love this brand because I trust the product they produce. Not only that but it is also available on Thrive; plus, it’s certified organic and with “The Mother”.

  • Probiotic (30 billion) *

    • Why I take it: Probiotics are living microorganisms that can help prevent (and even treat) some illnesses. Although I do take this daily, I started once I felt a cold come on. This helped to cut that feeling right away andd I was hooked. If I do not take a physical probiotic, I will drink Kombucha instead.

    • Brands I like:

  • Women’s Multi-Vitamin

    • Why I take it: I like to take a multi-vitamin to ensure I get the right vitamins and minerals within my diet. It’s an easy daily step I like to take.

    • What I use:

      • Smarty Pants. I love this brand and it’s holistic doctor approved! The ingredients are great, which I look for in any suppliment.

  • Chlorophyll drops

    • Why I take it: These drops help flush your body, especially your liver, of toxins that hold disease. It promotes a healthy cardiovascular system. I put 2-3 drops into my 32oz water bottle whenever I remember.

    • What I use:

      • I get mine from Fresh Thyme but you can get these drops from your local health store.

  • Flax Seed oil

    • Why I take it: Think fish oil but for vegetarians/vegans! It is filled with omega-3 fatty acids that promote heart health and lower inflammation.

    • What I use:

      • I get mine from Fresh Thyme but you can get these drops from your local health store.

  • Gaia Quick Defense

    • Why I take it: When I am SICK, I take these pills. It’s basically the natural version of Day-Quill. These pills will support your body’s rapid response to immune stressors.

    • What I use: