Let's Talk Juice Cleanse

I did a juice cleanse, and here is what happened…

That’s right, I did a juice cleanse! This is nothing new, people, juice cleanses have literally been around for years. I want to share my experience with you and let you know why I did it and how you can do one too!


Why I do juice cleanses:

Do you ever feel like you need a reset? For me, sometimes I am stuck in a rut with food. This time I really want to get serious about my weight loss. Whatever it is (even a weekend drinking too many margaritas), a cleanse is what helps me feel best. Cleansing with real juice can aid in digestion reset, energy, and general fruit & vegetable intake.

How often do I do juice cleanses:

I recently started introducing juices back into my life. Like I mentioned before, I want to jump-start my fitness journey (summer body 2019 amiright) the right way. When you want to cleanse truly depends on you and when you feel like you may need a re-set. Some popular times to cleanse are after the holidays, after a weekend out, or right before a big event.

How I felt during the day:

I remember when I last cleansed I was very hangry; I love my food and I love my snacks (which is a huge habit I want to cut down)! Since my mindset is different, I felt pretty good throughout the day. I have to say that I did feel a tad lightheaded throughout but that feeling subsided once I would drink water or tea.

How I felt after the day ended:

As soon as I got home, I finished my last juice. The hardest part of the cleanse was the evening. I normally snack once I get home, which is a reason why I always struggle with shedding the weight; for me, not being able to snack was so dang hard! I also had to make a huge batch of pasta salad for my works Thanksgiving lunch; it was so tough not to each it all. I did weigh myself and I shed around 1 pound of (what I assume) is water weight. I felt less bloated when I woke up the following day and my energy level was actually pretty high.

Important things to keep in mind:

Everyone feels different post cleanse. You probably will not lose 15 pounds but, if you follow the directions, you should expect to shed a couple pounds of water weight or at least feel lighter/more energetic! Remember, this cleanse helps to reset your body. I urge you to try to stick to the juices as much as you can. If you need to eat, stick to raw fruit and veggies or some natural nut butter. At the end of the day, you paid $$$ for this cleanse so take it seriously!

What cleanse I did:

I took this cleanse slow and decided to only do a 1 day. Cleanses range from 1 all the way up to 5 days. I am sure you can find longer but from my knowledge, 5 is the most you should be doing. Make sure to be realistic with yourself when picking your cleanse. I chose Suja since my local Whole Foods sells prepackaged cleanses but you can always go to a local Juicer or even look on websites (like Blue Print) where they lay out each cleanse and who it is made for.

I have had experience with Suja and Blue Print. The next cleanse I do, I would love to try something local.

Suja: I did not get hangry with these juices, maybe that says something! This one day cleanse came with 6 juices, all fruit & vegetable based. Suja 1 day cleanse is $40.00 for the Original Fresh Start.

Blue Print: This was the first cleanse I ever did. I purchased it online and it came to my door wrapped in a insulated container. I like that blue print offers different cleanses based on your experience or needs. I also like how they end the day with a creamier drink, almost like a healthy dessert. Blue print 1 day cleanse is $65.00 for the BluePrint OG.

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