My Skincare Routine

You've asked... and here it is! My skincare routine! You would not believe the overwhelming amount of DMs I receive asking for my skincare routine. I am so excited to share it with you all! This post is not sponsored, just sharing what I am loving!

Skincare 1

Let me preface this post by stating every single person reacts to things differently, especially when it comes to skincare. I am not a doctor, dermatologist or skincare professional! What works for me, may not work for you! I am simply sharing what I am currently loving. I often switch product and test new things out (but always try and finish out a product to get my full $ worth). Within the last year, I have made a conscious effort to purchase cleaner products and/or products that do not test on animals. This comes in moderation, though, and takes time. Don't go throwing away everything you own that isn't clean or cruelty-free because you will resent it! Switching your products takes time, let it slowly happen.

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I would classify my skin as combination. I have pretty normal/hydrated skin but my nose tends to get oily. I have never had "acne" but have always struggled with a type of bumpy skin, especially underneath my chin and recently on my cheeks. They're basically invisible unless you touch my face which... hello no one does that who isn't basically family and Mitch. Whatever your skin is dealing with, whether that be an oily T-zone, acne-prone or dryness can come from a variety of factors (which sucks when you want a quick fix). Here are some of the major factors that can effect your skin:

  • Diet

    • Do you eat red meat? Do you eat out a lot? Do you tend to eat a lot of dairy products? When looking at your diet, my best advice is to eat as clean as you can with a minimal amount of meat intake. I tend to eat a Mediterranean / Paleo / plant-based diet but if I am craving something, I will eat it! That's my bodies way of telling me that I am lacking some form of nutrition. If you eat out, for example, your breakouts are probably caused by that extra bag of Doritos you ate last night or those 7 Margaritas you had last Wednesday. If you put toxins into your body, its' natural reaction is to push them out aka through your skin!

  • Water Intake

    • When I meet with Nia from for my 10-minute mini-facial, she explained that things like oxygen facials or hydrating masks (like this one) can help with dehydrated skin. Drinking water will help with the suppleness of your skin... drink up! I have a swell and normally re-fill it around 4-5 days per day.

  • Sun Exposure

    • SPF if your friend! Yeah yeah, I know, everyone and their mother preaches this but it's so true. Exposing yourself to the sun too much can cause serious sun damage and please no tanning beds...this isn't freshman year rush anymore amiright. At the same time, vitamin D is good for you and without proper exposure, you can actually become sicker faster and lack in that nutrient! A healthy balance is key. I take a vitamin D3 spray supplement during the winter/fall to help with the lack of sun I receive.

Cocokind Mask

Here are some things I do religiously that has helped me with my skin:

  • Removing my makeup, completely, every night.

    • It doesn't matter how tired, drunky funky or lazy you are... just get into a habit or doing it and your skin will thank you!

  • Exfoliating

    • This isn't for everyone, and I wouldn't suggest it for those with severe acne. When I use my Clarisonic every other day, my skin is plump and smooth. You can also use a liquid exfoliant if you have very sensitive skin, but I haven't found as good of results from this. Here is the one I use: Aveda Biotanical Kinetics


Morning skin care routine:

The first thing I do when I wake up with wash my face with water. I don't cleanse my skin since I do that the night before. I wash the night product off of my face and then continue to tone/exfoliate with my Aveda exfoliating liquid. I have found this to work best when I pair it with my Clarisonic exfoliation at night. I then apply my CocoKind MYMATCHA under-eye stick around any dry spots, especially under my eyes. After that, I take the Honey Dew Youth Nectar by Good Medicine. I got it as a sample, so far so good! Finally, I take my Bio-Oil mixed with Frankincense essential oil and apply it to my face. all the way down to my chest. I recently started applying product down my neck and my chest as well; skincare is preventative so why not prevent those areas from aging as well!

Night skincare routine:

I like to remove my makeup with a gentle cleaner, like this one by Indie Lee. Next, I take my Clarisonic and put a small amount of the Acne Dot by Alba cleanser to remove all of the excess dirt & makeup that is left. I finish that off with a hot steaming towel to open up my pores and really get everything nice and clean. After that process, I take any toner I feel like using and rub that in an upward motion, down my neck, behind my ears and on my chest. The upward motion promotes youthful skin and collagen production! I finish everything off with my herbivore moon fruit cream (again, using that upward motion) and a spritz of the jasmine green tea toner. When I really want to treat myself, I gently tap my skin and under my eyes to promote blood flow and product intake.

Remember that you won't notice difference or change from a product right away. It normally takes 2-3 months to gauge how a product will vibe with your skin. That is the same with Facials. You want to stick to getting facials every 3-ish months, or when the seasons change.


What’s inside my skincare cabinet:

  • Cocokind Chlorophyll Mask

    • This mask… a life changer! I love everything Cocokind stands behind (and the prices are very attainable plus the ingredients are on point).

  • Herbivore Moon Fruit

    • This is the night cream I have been using. I do prefer an oil moisturizer but this has been doing alright!

  • Biossance 100% Squalane Oil

    • I have had this oil for a while and like to pat it into my skin when I need something light.

  • Acure Radically Rejuvenating Eye Cream

    • Love this eye cream for something inexpensive yet effective. I get mine off of Thrive.

  • Cocokind MY MATCHA Stick

    • I have been loving this stick for under eye, around my brows before bed and even on my lips for extra moisture. It’s an all around great product.

  • Jason Vitamin E 32,000 I.U. oil

    • Vitamin E Oil helps to minimize scarring. I had a mole removed a little bit ago and try to put this on the scare every night.

  • Lush Ultrabland

    • On and off, I use this to take my makeup off! It is very thick, but doesn’t hurt my eyes. If you like balms, this is for you.

  • Eucalyptus Essential Oil

    • I like to put this on the bottom of my shower when I am feeling sick. The steam from the shower helps to clear up and stuffiness I am having.

  • Tea Tree Essential Oil

    • This is a great and natural pimple remedy. Try this on a cotton swab, dab onto your pimple and it should go down.

  • Good Medicine Beauty Lab Youth Nectar Sample

    • I am unsure how I feel about this just yet, it may have been the cause of my breakouts (which I hardly ever get). It does have a great scent to it, though!

  • Thayers Witch Hazel

    • This is a STAPLE and should be in everyone’s cabinet! It’s very inexpensive and is perfect for almost everything; makeup removal, mixing with your cocokind mask, toning… anything!

  • Aveda Outer Peace Acne Relief

    • When I am having a breakout, I like to rub this all over my face. I use it after I tone and before I put on my daily oil/moisturizer.

  • Goddess Garden Organics Under the Sun Sample

    • Haven’t tried this sample yet, but I have heard amazing things about this brand.

  • Herbivore Jasmine Green Tea Balancing Toner

    • I love to spritz this on my skin literally whenever I want. Sometimes I use it as a setting spray when I have a lighter look but I religiously use it every night before I go to bed. It smells amazing and it’s such a clean product… love & love!

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