How to (Organically) Shop at Costco

A common goal among most is to consume healthier and cleaner foods/products. The “healthy” lifestyle often has a negative connotation of being expensive and sometimes unattainable. I am here to break that stigma, and share with you what you can buy from Costco that is organic, even if you’re on a budget.

The other day, Mitch and I went to our local Costco (the Lincoln park location is nice if you are local to Chicago) to pick up some items and to check it out. My parents, both business owners, shop at Costco and Sam’s Club for bulk items for their business so we are both somewhat familiar with the lay of the land.

When I shop, I try to buy as much organic produce as I can. I am also on a budget, and will compromise when I need to. If you are strictly on a budget, here is a link to the dirty dozen; a list of items you should always buy organic due to pesticide sprays and various chemicals.

What we purchased:


  • Tortilla Chips ($4.59)

  • Salsa ($6.49)

  • Gummy Bears ($12.99)

  • Kombucha ($14.59)

  • Avocados ($6.99)

    • This was a steal! I had to pick them up.

  • Albacore wild tuna ($14.99)

  • Vegan Chickpea Puffs: Hippeas ($6.79)

  • Annie’s 9 pack of Mac N Cheese ($12.99)

  • Organic Blueberries ($8.99)

Non-Organic (but is still saving you $)

  • Croissants ($5.99)

  • Trash Bags ($14.99)

  • Paper Towels ($15.99)

  • Toilet Paper ($16.99)

  • Butter Wine ($11.99)

  • 3 pack of mouth wash ($12.99)

  • Almonds ($12.99)

TOTAL after tax = $188.71

Here are my thoughts:

A lot of the items that we purchased were in bulk. For example, we have around 1000 years or toiler paper which we will probably take 300 years to go through. Every product, aside from the wine, was purchased in a large quantity.

Most of the products we purchased non-organic where either because we haven’t found a comparable alternative yet or Costco didn’t have a good alternative. Two things I will not compromise on are laundry detergent, cleaning products (I use my Young Living concentrate to clean everything) and dishwasher tabs. I purchase these items from Thrive Market or through my Young Living account.

Costco does have amazing options for organic fruits, vegetables, meats (I think… tbh I didn’t look), and snacks. For cleaning products, I would stay away (the only detergent that was “green” was not truly green… hello green washing! click here for an article on green washing).

Costco is also an amazing place to buy beauty products. Although they do not offer a large amount of clean beauty, I did notice Schmidt’s deo and some other brands.

Lastly, the alcohol selection is amazing (they even had some organic wine) for a great price… especially if you are buying for a party!

Common Misconceptions about buying in bulk:

You might think you are getting an amazing deal by shopping in bulk but sometimes that is not the case. Smarty Pants vitamins were being sold at Costco for the same price as Thrive Market. Same goes with things like apples, blueberries, deli meat, etc. Ask yourself if you will be able to finish the quantity of food you are purchasing before it goes bad. Waste = throwing away money… we don’t have time for that in 2019!

Up Next…

Now that you have the low-down on my Costco organic shopping experience, do you think you would check it out? It’s nice to be able to save some money, especially on clean products and food.

Keep your eyes peeled for more posts on healthier eating on a budget.

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