Do You Really Need to Take Vitamins? My Experience with Binto.

Are vitamins really worth it? I will be sharing my experience taking vitamins, specifically from the brand Binto, for a month & why I think everyone needs a vitamin subscription service in their life.

Image Credit:  Maddi Hebner .

Image Credit: Maddi Hebner.

A little over a month ago, Binto reached out to me and asked if I wanted to try their monthly vitamin subscription service. After doing some research on the brand , I decided to say yes. * My experience using Binto is completely non-sponsored meaning all opinions are my own.

Image Credit:  Maddi Hebner .

Image Credit: Maddi Hebner.

What is Binto?

After doing extensive research on the many supplement companies on the market, I decided that Binto was the best for me & here is why:

  • They make taking vitamins a simple task. They provide you with a 1 month supply of individually packaged pouches filled with vitamins specified to your body & needs.

  • Binto is women owned & operated.

  • As a Binto customer, you can chat with a nurse as needed. This means you can ask as many questions as you can think of & personalize your plan if something changes.

  • They have a recycling program which makes helping the environment that much easier.

  • All of the vitamins are vegan. They are also soy, dairy & preservative free, made in the USA & GMP Certified.

  • A vitamin subscriptions service cuts out the confusion of choosing the right supplement for your body. Everything you would need is simplified into a short quiz, then let Binto do the rest.

Image Credit:  Maddi Hebner .

Image Credit: Maddi Hebner.

What vitamins were you taking?

  • After a quick & simple quiz, I was given a personalized mixture of supplements. Here is what I am currently taking:

* If you have questions regarding my supplement list, make sure to reach out to one of the many nurses at     Binto     .

* If you have questions regarding my supplement list, make sure to reach out to one of the many nurses at Binto.

What did you notice throughout your month using Binto?

  • As much of an eye roll as this may seem, I truly noticed a difference while using Binto. That being said, a lot of factors come into effect while taking a daily vitamin like:

    • A well-balanced diet

    • Keeping your environmental stressors at a low level

    • Proper & regular exercise

  • Unfortunately, there is no such things as a magic pill that fixes all of our problems. Vitamins work best once incorporated into a healthy, active & happy lifestyle. You will see the best results when you are fueling your body with the proper nutrients to foster a healthy environment, letting the supplements heal the rest!

Are vitamins worth it?

  • I believe so. I used to be a vitamin skeptic and maybe some of you that are reading this may be as well. Using a vitamin subscription has helped to personally eliminate the confusion when it comes to vitamins. I used to spend hours scrolling through the vitamin page on Thrive Market; this has helped!

  • As for price, we truly value what we deem important in our lives. Take a step back to reflect & realize if investing in your bodies health is worth budgeting away a few drinks at Starbucks each month.

  • After taking Binto vitamins for a month, I have noticed:

    • stronger hair & nails (Binto Multi helped)

    • better sleep (Binto Multi helped)

    • prolonged energy throughout the day (Binto Multi helped, along with a regulated sleep schedule & no screen time before bed)

    • less snacking (DHA & Digest-ease helped)

    • less monthly mood-swings (Vitamin B6 helped, along with my Castor Oil packs)

    • less bloat (Probiotic & Digest-ease helped, along with regular Kombucha or Kimchi)

Why Binto over another vitamin subscription service?

  • Binto made me feel as though my concerns were heard. As silly as it sounds, I felt welcome into the Binto community and knew I would be able to trust the vitamins I was taking. Dairy, for example, doesn’t sit well with my stomach so knowing every vitamin is vegan & dairy-free made me feel at peace. Not only that but Binto is a women owned business that is truly dedicated to providing a strong customer experience. They hold the small-company mentality without the lack of efficiency or quality.

Do you have a coupon code?

  • I do! You can get your first order of Binto vitamins for 20% off with my code themoreyoumerlot. This is not an affiliate code therefore I do not receive a kick-back from the coupon code.


X, Natalie